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  1. Thanks a lot! I just started to work 3 months ago and I am looking for a bank where I can save my money easily. I thought I still have to save thousands of pesos just to open a savings account. Grateful that I found your blog. Keep it up!

  2. This one is very helpful, specially for working moms like me, im looking for a bank thats offer low initial deposit, and You already have it here.. Thank you so much for the informations. Looking forward for your next helpful blogs 😉

  3. Hi can you help me find a low maintaining balance account i could get for my children. I have 5 kids i want to have save for their future but i am just an ordinary worker .

  4. Hi can u help me to find a bank that requires smallest deposit to open an account offers a bank checking account and linked savings acc debit card or credit card.has atm to get money 24/7 and debit card can be used in any other bank atm ..

    And i am looking too about english man (my fiancee ) having account and joined bank account with me .

  5. Hello, Ms. Ellaine!

    Your blog is very informative. Prior reading to this post, I have thought that I need to save 4 digits of money before I jumpstart saving on a bank. This blog has helped me decide which bank I can entrust my heart-earned money.

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